Saturday, April 2, 2011

Zoya Haul & New NOTW: Zoya Faye

I had fully intended to wear the Shattered Glitz & Glamour look for a week, but yesterday I went on a cleaning spree, and the polish peeled off of two of my nails (I have since purchased rubber gloves..). I was planning on just redoing them, but then my Zoya polishes from the BOGO sale came in the mail today! :) A new mani was necessary. First, here's what I got from Zoya:

Mira, Phoebe, Faye, Ki, and Apple. All but Ki were from the BOGO sale. I added Ki since she is just too gorgeous to pass up. I decided that I needed to try Faye first, since she is sooo much prettier than pictures suggest.Please excuse my hiding middle finger, non-fast dry top coat sucks and I need to redo that nail. This is 3 coats over base coat, topped with NYC top coat, since Seche was doing funky things to the polish.

Faye is a completely gorgeous lavender, with intense golden shimmer. At 3 coats, it practically glows in the dark. I am completely in love with the color...I'm thinking of buying another bottle just in case.

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