Thursday, April 21, 2011

NOTW: NYC Hint of Mint

First, a quick follow-up of the Scherer Chameleon polish I posted last week. I'm not happy. It looked soo pretty, but ended up peeling off completely the next day. Boo! The past few days, I've been rocking *gasp* naked nails! But, since I'm going to Holy Thursday mass tonight, I decided I should probably cover them, lest I scar people with my yellowed nails.

I wanted something nice and pastel since, hey, it's (supposed to be) spring. I ended up chosing one of the new polishes I got, NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in Hint of Mint. It's a gorgeous light mint green creme, close to a pastel, but not quite. I did 2 coats over base coat, and topped it with Poshe.

I'm hoping this does actually last 7 days, because I'm loving this polish! Usually I don't like creme polishes (too plain for me), but this is sooo pretty! The formula was awesome. It went on like butter, and dried quickly too.

I'm already planning what I can add to it for Sunday. Maybe some Easter eggs? Or maybe a funky french? Hmmm...

Til next time, loves!

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