Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Gots A Package!!

My super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot Starkid sunglasses came in the mail today!! I jumped up and down when I opened the mailbox, and almost slipped on all the ice. The perfect thing to make a freezing, grey, winter day better? Hot pink sunglasses, duh!! I've been wanting a pair of these glasses forever, and finally caved after I watched a clip from Glee which showed Darren wearing the glasses. I'm completely in love with them. They remind me of Ray Bans, which is completely awesome. And the Starkid logo on the side is adorable.

One thing I love about ordering from Ann Arbor T Shirt Company (where Starkid sells their merch), is the invoice that comes in the package.The stamp, in case you can't read it, say "Warning: Package is full of Awesome!" How effing cute is that?! That's what greated me when I opened up the box. And I love that they personalize all the forms. Makes you feel special and appreciated. (I'm such a dork..)

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