Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Clinique 3-Step System Review - Day 1

I received a sampler of the Clinique 3 Step System a bit ago, and I thought that I'd finally use it, and see how it works with my skin. So, I thought I'd keep track, here, of how it works. I did change one thing. The directions say to use this twice a day, but I have a rule to not wash my face more than once a day, so I'm going to use the system once a day, for four days.

Day 1

I really liked the facial soap. It lathered well, and my face really felt clean after I had used it. This, however, was with me wearing no makeup, so I am not sure if the results would change, or not, had I been wearing foundation.

The toner ('clarifying lotion') was a bit of a shock. I don't usually use toner, just Witch Hazel, so the strong alcohol scent/feel really threw me. I only used about half the given amount in the sample since it was so strong.

I'm a bit wary about using a moisturizer since my skin can get oily, but I bit the bullet and used most of the sample of the moisturizing lotion. At first it felt thick, but after it was absorbed, it was fine and my skin is sooo smooth and soft now. I really hope this doesn't break me out, because I do like the feeling.

Overall I really like the effect so far, I hope it doesn't freak my skin out too much.

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